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September 2020

What will happen to supply chains and production costs if manufacturing jobs come home?

Changing customer expectations: How the pandemic is affecting behaviour

July 2020

Taking Stock #53: Covid sends US grocery shoppers online – but will they stay there?

June 2020

Taking Stock #52: Uncertainty is the number one challenge we face

Taking Stock #51: Retail’s big question: If you open it, will they come?

May 2020

An Old New Normal? Post-Covid Stores in Digitally Averse Countries

Grocery Phase 2: Strategies in America and Italy

April 2020

Taking Stock: #50: "An inconvenient truth: Shopping and the coronavirus"

Taking Stock #49: A spectre that haunts the high street

Will Fashion survive quarantine?

From Tracking to Track, Trace & Choose

March 2020

E-commerce After COVID-19

Taking Stock #48: Money makes the world go around…

Kiko & Milkman: Beautiful Deliveries

Taking Stock #47: Problems are real – panic is optional

February 2020

Pre-Owned is the New Black: Circular barges into Fashion

Taking Stock #46: "Schrödinger’s UK: Closed but ‘open for business’"

Future of Last-Mile 2020-2030, According to WEF

Taking Stock #45: "You, me and that virus: Six degrees of separation anxiety"

January 2020

2020-2030: The Dawn of a Different Retail?

Taking Stock #44: Is the retail apocalypse a blessing in disguise?

Taking Stock #43: "2020: The year of trust?"

Connected Employees for a Truly Frictionless Retail

December 2019

Taking Stock of 2019: It’s a wrap

Taking Stock #42: The word of the year 2019 is not Amazon

Retail and Warehousing: the Proximity War has Started

Kasanova and Milkman: in B2C service and product are the same thing

The Future of Italian Malls: Bypassing the Apocalypse

November 2019

Taking Stock #41: "Peaks and Troughs: 2019 Has Been a Tough Year for UK Retailers"

Italian Contract Logistics Trends for 2019: Logistics on the Hunt for IT

Quomi & Milkman: fresh ingredients in search of speed and time windows

Amazon bye-bye: Nike Goes Away, Who Will Follow?

Taking Stock #40: E-commerce Is Not Disrupting The High Street

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Free to Choose Your Delivery: Post-Purchase too!

Yeppon & Milkman: How to Customize your Customer's Experience

October 2019

E-commerce in Italy: 2019 data and trends to set-up your 2020 strategy

E-Commerce, Free Time and Simplicity: Italians Want it All.

Milkman & Colvin: How to Offer an A+ Experience

Taking Stock #39: The final countdown?

Musical Lockers & Giant Collect Points: Here Comes the Wow-Factor

Onlinestore: Milkman technology and the delivery of large household appliances

September 2019

Taking Stock #38: Final curtain for the gig economy?

Milkman & Velasca: comfortable deliveries

Taking Stock #37: Climbing on the climate bandwagon

August 2019

Taking Stock #36: Could the failure of self-driving cars be just what the delivery world needs?

Delivery-Drone Falls Near Children: the Flying-Deliveries Dilemma

July 2019

Taking Stock #35: "The UK is full"

Is Amazon the First Post-Human Retailer?

Taking Stock #34: On Amazon’s 25th birthday, 25 retailers that aren’t celebrating with us

June 2019

Delivery in the eCommerce World

Netcomm Forum 2019: New Data About Italy's eCommerce Sector

"Blind" Tracking? Stumbling eCommerce

April 2019

Taking Stock #33: Deliveries on wheels: At last, an idea that makes sense

Last Mile in the Middle East

Amazon: Quick Shoes and a Cold Heart

March 2019

Taking Stock #32: Have things started to go wrong at Amazon?

February 2019

Taking Stock #31: Disrupting the disruptors

Taking Stock #30: In the UK food retail sector there’s no smoke without fire

January 2019

Taking Stock #29: Saving the high street should not be taxing

Figuring out Walmart’s Last Mile Delivery Strategy

Tacking Stock #28: Opening the door to a world of delivery solutions

December 2018

The French Couriers' Barometer (ItinSell research)

November 2018

Taking Stock #27: Black Friday: One shot, two stabbed. Welcome to Bricks-and-Mortal Kombat

What Will Amazon leave behind? The infinite struggle between Hot and Cold.

Taking Stock #26: Joy to the world – the robots are coming to save Christmas

Where do you want it? And how fast do you want it? – Competing During Peak Season

Retail 4.0 - 10 rules for the Digital Age

October 2018

Taking Stock #25: AI is to blame for retail’s woes: you’re not using enough of it

Event Report: Payments and Logistics for a Successful B2c eCommerce

Taking Stock #24: UK shoppers can’t get enough bricks and mortar

Milkman announces a €6,4 million funding round

Crowd-Sourced Delivery Services – A Wise Decision?

September 2018

Taking Stock #23: The death of trust, the end of irony, and the failing health of House of Fraser

Taking Stock #22: If we’re going through a tunnel when will we see the light?

August 2018

Alibaba Aims for 72 Hour Delivery across the Globe

Taking Stock #21: Taxing times ahead for Amazon

The Changing Narratives of Retail: Returns, Speed and Social.

Retail Through the Rabbit Hole: Resizing and Looking for Human Contact

Taking Stock #20: Amazon Go: the future of retail or a distraction from the grim reaper?

July 2018

Taking Stock #19: Four meals from chaos: just in time for anarchy in the UK

Amazon – Delivery at a Price

The Postal Hub Podcast: Antonio Perini, CEO and founder of Milkman, on e-commerce delivery

Netcomm Fashion & Lifestyle Report: no Options is not an Option

Taking Stock #18: Welcome to the future of 3D-printed retail disruption – you’re going to hate it.

Taking Stock #17: Getting personal with your fruit and veg

A Piece of the Pie: Amazon Franchises its Logistics

June 2018

Should We Ready Ourselves for an Amazon Locker Invasion?

Taking Stock #16: The gig economy: down but not out

Report from the Netcomm Forum 2018, Milan. What was the talk of the town?

Taking Stock #15: Destroy-it-yourself: an Australian approach to UK home improvement

May 2018

Towards the Future, Back to the Past

Taking Stock #14 - Supermarket Sweep: Amazon, Sadsbury’s and the Go Go Power Rangers

April 2018

Taking Stock #13: Retail vs. the zombie apocalypse

Amazon & Whole Food: is a Mixed-Demand Shipping Strategy on the Horizon? 

March 2018

Taking Stock #12: At Amazon everyone can hear you scream

Speed, Transparency, Flexibility: the New eShopper Dictates the Rules.

Taking Stock #11: Stop Blaming Amazon for Retail Failures

February 2018

Taking Stock #10: Not so many giggles in the gig economy

Doom and Gloom Await Instant-Delivery Startups

Taking Stock #9: Smelly old Amazon is coming to eat your lunch – again

Metapack The Delivery Conference 2018 pt.2 - of Elephants and Dashing Beauties

Metapack The Delivery Conference 2018 pt.1 - Of Gorillas and One-Trick Ponies

January 2018

Taking Stock #8: Jolly Jeff and the impatience trap

Taking Stock #7: The Space Race

Is the unstable future of the gig-economy a threat for Retailers buying logistics companies?

November 2017

Taking Stock #6: Is our impatience killing the planet?

40% of shoppers think delivery is the most important detail in their shopping experience

Taking Stock #5: Have you ever been experienced?

Half of the online shoppers abandon their carts for delivery-related reasons

Your Checkout Suffers from Abandonment? Heal it with Delivery Options

Kiwi Delivery Robots Sport New Face, Ramp Up Service

October 2017

Taking Stock #4: Does Amazon possess the key to your downfall?

The New Experiential Retail

Taking Stock #3: Nice and e-asy does it

Startups Come, Startups Go: Doorman vs Parcel, a Cautionary Tale

The Future of Retail and eCommerce doesn’t have to be “lonely”

September 2017

The Threshold: Where eCommerce Meets Shoppers

Taking Stock #2: "Same-day, different grit"

Faraway, So Close: Customized, No-Rush eCommerce

There’s no eCommerce Without Logistics (and there will be no logistics if you’re unwilling to be part of the eCommerce experience)

Taking Stock #1: "Say my name, say my name - Can voice technology help in the last mile fight for customer loyalty?"

August 2017

Scandinavia: fertile ground for logistics innovation

Last-Mile Startups Innovating Australia's eCommerce Deliveries

Wrestling with Time, Absent Recipients & Poor Addressing in Last-Mile Deliveries

(Video) Milkman's Ceo Antonio Perini interviewed At Internet Retailing Expo 17

(Video) Meeting Same-Day Delivery Expectations: SupplyChainBrain interview with Antonio Perini, Milkman & Riccardo Bocci, WorkWave

“On-the-Move” and “Last-Minute” Retail on the Rise with the Last-Mile’s Complicity

July 2017

Is There an Answer to the On-Demand Conundrum? (+ Surviving Amazon's Masterplan)

Grocers morph into automakers? Just-in-Time!

Kiwi robots: ground drones deliver through practical sense and a scalable approach

Time-defined deliveries quietly steal the spotlight in Temando’s "State of Shipping in Commerce Report '17"

June 2017

Fear & Resolve in Bezosville

King Kalanick Dethroned: Can the Sharing Economy Triumph in a Gentler Way?

Need for transparency and for precision last-mile services on the rise all over the map

Juggling with Last-Mile in the never-ending present

May 2017

Clear Minds & Fulfilled Deliveries or The Necessity of a Communication Pattern Between Couriers and Customers

Netcomm Forum 2017 - Milan - Report

March 2017

Here come the Euro startups vol. 1 same-day & on-demand

February 2017

Collection, packaging and shipment for small sized eCommerces: a hidden treasure.

Delivery as an appliance that solves people's problems

One single, invisible, step towards a frictionless Online Retail

January 2017

Smart logistics and the prize for planning

December 2016

Amazon planning mobile app to get ahold of middle-mile logistics

Europe’s Galileo Navigation Satellite System Increases the Accuracy of Location Based Services

3 parcel-tracking mobile apps to trust

A customer-centric maelstrom of last-mile innovation

Milkman featured among 2016’s Top10 best apps of the App Store

X-Ray Vision for the Last-Mile? Amazon has it.

November 2016

Swimming with the Sharks: Survival Tactics for On-Demand Delivery Startups

Disruption at The Service of a Communal Future

October 2016

A survey of surveys 2016: home delivery and time-windows

Dealing with incognitas in time-window deliveries

The times they are a changin’: gig-economy under scrutiny

Can a mixed-demand save on-demand?

September 2016

The case of the driver stuck in time

Milkman featured on “La Repubblica”

3 last-mile startups to keep your eyes on

August 2016

e-Commerce deliveries: humans still matter

July 2016

5 things to keep in mind if you want to disrupt deliveries with time windows

Eataly Today challenges Amazon: home-delivered fresh food in Milan

It's a Consumer's World: the New Power of e-Commerce Over Logistics

Last-Mile as a Platform for Merchants' Visibility

June 2016

Brexit: uncertain times are bad for business, and bad for people too. (by Sean Fleming)

3 Words to Rule Them All. Interview with Giles R. Jones, CMO, What3Words.

The Rocky Road to a Wonderful World

May 2016

Optimizing fleets through GPS in a asset-light reality (Workwave & Milkman)

Whitepaper (in Italian): Il punto economico-giuridico sul Crowdsourcing.

Home Delivery Europe 2016 and the future of retail

April 2016

Preventing friction during and after checkout

Tim Robinson interview: Doddle, "sexy utilities" and much more...

Exceeding Customer Expectations: an Atlantan Tale

March 2016

Containing the on-demand bubble

The Italian Job: how the sharing economy is faring so far in bella Italia

The triumph of the "shopkeepers' nation": interview with Sean Fleming, editor at

February 2016

Cracking the Last-Mile in Africa and the Middle East: an Interview with Charles Brewer, Managing Director of Mara Sokoni.

The e-commerce tsunami. A rogue wave of deliveries.

January 2016

Uber and the new Sharing Economy: Utopia or Dystopia?

Big Smoke? Big Effort = Green Fleets vs pollution

Milkman's comics collected - 2015

December 2015

Handle with Care: the Pros & Cons of Feedback (Pt. 1 - USA)

Top 3 Tested Cargo Drones

The same-day dilemma

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: burden or opportunity?

November 2015

A Short Illustrated History of Food Deliveries

Top 5 Delivery Startups

Same-day's Day today...

Milkman's Mini-Guide to Crowdshipping

Greener Dreams #2

Greener Dreams #1

October 2015

Lockers and Pick Up Points (Milkman's Collected Data 2015)

Price and Predictability or Speed? Make the Right Choice and You'll Win Your Customer's Satisfaction

Shoes, Tomatoes and Gallant Drivers: the Bright Future of Couriers

Working for an Anxiety-Free Delivery World

Of Drones and Men

September 2015

Last-Mile is about People