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January 2021

How Grocers Can Wrestle With a Future that Came too Early

December 2020

The end of the year: 2020 vision and great expectations

November 2020

What every retailer can learn from Amazon’s sudden interest in emotional data

Putting the AI in retail (Pt. 2)

Home Delivery World USA: the "Fast & Free" Deliveries Bazaar is Over

Maximum convenience or minimum cost? How to find the best balance for your brand.

October 2020

Putting the AI in retail (Pt. 1)

Can a past peak problem help deliver a data-driven future?

Peak is Coming: What Delivery Model Should You Choose?

September 2020

Track & Choose Drive the New Normal in Home Deliveries

What will happen to supply chains and production costs if manufacturing jobs come home?

Changing customer expectations: How the pandemic is affecting behaviour

July 2020

Taking Stock #53: Covid sends US grocery shoppers online – but will they stay there?

June 2020

Taking Stock #52: Uncertainty is the number one challenge we face

Taking Stock #51: Retail’s big question: If you open it, will they come?

May 2020

An Old New Normal? Post-Covid Stores in Digitally Averse Countries

Grocery Phase 2: Strategies in America and Italy

April 2020

Taking Stock: #50: "An inconvenient truth: Shopping and the coronavirus"

Taking Stock #49: A spectre that haunts the high street

Will Fashion survive quarantine?

From Tracking to Track, Trace & Choose

March 2020

E-commerce After COVID-19

Taking Stock #48: Money makes the world go around…

Kiko & Milkman: Beautiful Deliveries

Taking Stock #47: Problems are real – panic is optional

February 2020

Pre-Owned is the New Black: Circular barges into Fashion

Taking Stock #46: "Schrödinger’s UK: Closed but ‘open for business’"

Future of Last-Mile 2020-2030, According to WEF

Taking Stock #45: "You, me and that virus: Six degrees of separation anxiety"

January 2020

2020-2030: The Dawn of a Different Retail?

Taking Stock #44: Is the retail apocalypse a blessing in disguise?

Taking Stock #43: "2020: The year of trust?"

Connected Employees for a Truly Frictionless Retail

December 2019

Taking Stock of 2019: It’s a wrap

Taking Stock #42: The word of the year 2019 is not Amazon

Retail and Warehousing: the Proximity War has Started

Kasanova and Milkman: in B2C service and product are the same thing

The Future of Italian Malls: Bypassing the Apocalypse

November 2019

Taking Stock #41: "Peaks and Troughs: 2019 Has Been a Tough Year for UK Retailers"

Italian Contract Logistics Trends for 2019: Logistics on the Hunt for IT

Quomi & Milkman: fresh ingredients in search of speed and time windows

Amazon bye-bye: Nike Goes Away, Who Will Follow?

Taking Stock #40: E-commerce Is Not Disrupting The High Street

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Free to Choose Your Delivery: Post-Purchase too!

Yeppon & Milkman: How to Customize your Customer's Experience

October 2019

E-commerce in Italy: 2019 data and trends to set-up your 2020 strategy

E-Commerce, Free Time and Simplicity: Italians Want it All.

Milkman & Colvin: How to Offer an A+ Experience

Taking Stock #39: The final countdown?

Musical Lockers & Giant Collect Points: Here Comes the Wow-Factor

Onlinestore: Milkman technology and the delivery of large household appliances

September 2019

Taking Stock #38: Final curtain for the gig economy?

Milkman & Velasca: comfortable deliveries

Taking Stock #37: Climbing on the climate bandwagon

August 2019

Taking Stock #36: Could the failure of self-driving cars be just what the delivery world needs?

Delivery-Drone Falls Near Children: the Flying-Deliveries Dilemma

July 2019

Taking Stock #35: "The UK is full"

Is Amazon the First Post-Human Retailer?

Taking Stock #34: On Amazon’s 25th birthday, 25 retailers that aren’t celebrating with us

June 2019

Delivery in the eCommerce World

Netcomm Forum 2019: New Data About Italy's eCommerce Sector

"Blind" Tracking? Stumbling eCommerce

April 2019

Taking Stock #33: Deliveries on wheels: At last, an idea that makes sense

Last Mile in the Middle East

Amazon: Quick Shoes and a Cold Heart

March 2019

Taking Stock #32: Have things started to go wrong at Amazon?

February 2019

Taking Stock #31: Disrupting the disruptors

Taking Stock #30: In the UK food retail sector there’s no smoke without fire

January 2019

Taking Stock #29: Saving the high street should not be taxing

Figuring out Walmart’s Last Mile Delivery Strategy

Tacking Stock #28: Opening the door to a world of delivery solutions

December 2018

The French Couriers' Barometer (ItinSell research)

November 2018

Taking Stock #27: Black Friday: One shot, two stabbed. Welcome to Bricks-and-Mortal Kombat

What Will Amazon leave behind? The infinite struggle between Hot and Cold.

Taking Stock #26: Joy to the world – the robots are coming to save Christmas

Where do you want it? And how fast do you want it? – Competing During Peak Season

Retail 4.0 - 10 rules for the Digital Age

October 2018

Taking Stock #25: AI is to blame for retail’s woes: you’re not using enough of it

Event Report: Payments and Logistics for a Successful B2c eCommerce

Taking Stock #24: UK shoppers can’t get enough bricks and mortar

Milkman announces a €6,4 million funding round

Crowd-Sourced Delivery Services – A Wise Decision?

September 2018

Taking Stock #23: The death of trust, the end of irony, and the failing health of House of Fraser

Taking Stock #22: If we’re going through a tunnel when will we see the light?

August 2018

Alibaba Aims for 72 Hour Delivery across the Globe

Taking Stock #21: Taxing times ahead for Amazon

The Changing Narratives of Retail: Returns, Speed and Social.

Retail Through the Rabbit Hole: Resizing and Looking for Human Contact

Taking Stock #20: Amazon Go: the future of retail or a distraction from the grim reaper?

July 2018

Taking Stock #19: Four meals from chaos: just in time for anarchy in the UK

Amazon – Delivery at a Price

The Postal Hub Podcast: Antonio Perini, CEO and founder of Milkman, on e-commerce delivery

Netcomm Fashion & Lifestyle Report: no Options is not an Option

Taking Stock #18: Welcome to the future of 3D-printed retail disruption – you’re going to hate it.

Taking Stock #17: Getting personal with your fruit and veg

A Piece of the Pie: Amazon Franchises its Logistics

June 2018

Should We Ready Ourselves for an Amazon Locker Invasion?

Taking Stock #16: The gig economy: down but not out

Report from the Netcomm Forum 2018, Milan. What was the talk of the town?

Taking Stock #15: Destroy-it-yourself: an Australian approach to UK home improvement

May 2018

Towards the Future, Back to the Past

Taking Stock #14 - Supermarket Sweep: Amazon, Sadsbury’s and the Go Go Power Rangers

April 2018

Taking Stock #13: Retail vs. the zombie apocalypse

Amazon & Whole Food: is a Mixed-Demand Shipping Strategy on the Horizon? 

March 2018

Taking Stock #12: At Amazon everyone can hear you scream

Speed, Transparency, Flexibility: the New eShopper Dictates the Rules.

Taking Stock #11: Stop Blaming Amazon for Retail Failures

February 2018

Taking Stock #10: Not so many giggles in the gig economy

Doom and Gloom Await Instant-Delivery Startups

Taking Stock #9: Smelly old Amazon is coming to eat your lunch – again

Metapack The Delivery Conference 2018 pt.2 - of Elephants and Dashing Beauties

Metapack The Delivery Conference 2018 pt.1 - Of Gorillas and One-Trick Ponies

January 2018

Taking Stock #8: Jolly Jeff and the impatience trap

Taking Stock #7: The Space Race

Is the unstable future of the gig-economy a threat for Retailers buying logistics companies?

November 2017

Taking Stock #6: Is our impatience killing the planet?

40% of shoppers think delivery is the most important detail in their shopping experience

Taking Stock #5: Have you ever been experienced?

Half of the online shoppers abandon their carts for delivery-related reasons

Your Checkout Suffers from Abandonment? Heal it with Delivery Options

Kiwi Delivery Robots Sport New Face, Ramp Up Service

October 2017

Taking Stock #4: Does Amazon possess the key to your downfall?

The New Experiential Retail

Taking Stock #3: Nice and e-asy does it

Startups Come, Startups Go: Doorman vs Parcel, a Cautionary Tale

The Future of Retail and eCommerce doesn’t have to be “lonely”

September 2017

The Threshold: Where eCommerce Meets Shoppers

Taking Stock #2: "Same-day, different grit"

Faraway, So Close: Customized, No-Rush eCommerce

There’s no eCommerce Without Logistics (and there will be no logistics if you’re unwilling to be part of the eCommerce experience)

Taking Stock #1: "Say my name, say my name - Can voice technology help in the last mile fight for customer loyalty?"

August 2017

Scandinavia: fertile ground for logistics innovation

Last-Mile Startups Innovating Australia's eCommerce Deliveries

Wrestling with Time, Absent Recipients & Poor Addressing in Last-Mile Deliveries

(Video) Milkman's Ceo Antonio Perini interviewed At Internet Retailing Expo 17

(Video) Meeting Same-Day Delivery Expectations: SupplyChainBrain interview with Antonio Perini, Milkman & Riccardo Bocci, WorkWave

“On-the-Move” and “Last-Minute” Retail on the Rise with the Last-Mile’s Complicity

July 2017

Is There an Answer to the On-Demand Conundrum? (+ Surviving Amazon's Masterplan)

Grocers morph into automakers? Just-in-Time!

Kiwi robots: ground drones deliver through practical sense and a scalable approach

Time-defined deliveries quietly steal the spotlight in Temando’s "State of Shipping in Commerce Report '17"

June 2017

Fear & Resolve in Bezosville

King Kalanick Dethroned: Can the Sharing Economy Triumph in a Gentler Way?

Need for transparency and for precision last-mile services on the rise all over the map

Juggling with Last-Mile in the never-ending present

May 2017

Clear Minds & Fulfilled Deliveries or The Necessity of a Communication Pattern Between Couriers and Customers

Netcomm Forum 2017 - Milan - Report

March 2017

Here come the Euro startups vol. 1 same-day & on-demand

February 2017

Collection, packaging and shipment for small sized eCommerces: a hidden treasure.

Delivery as an appliance that solves people's problems

One single, invisible, step towards a frictionless Online Retail

January 2017

Smart logistics and the prize for planning

December 2016

Amazon planning mobile app to get ahold of middle-mile logistics

Europe’s Galileo Navigation Satellite System Increases the Accuracy of Location Based Services

3 parcel-tracking mobile apps to trust

A customer-centric maelstrom of last-mile innovation

Milkman featured among 2016’s Top10 best apps of the App Store

X-Ray Vision for the Last-Mile? Amazon has it.

November 2016

Swimming with the Sharks: Survival Tactics for On-Demand Delivery Startups

Disruption at The Service of a Communal Future

October 2016

A survey of surveys 2016: home delivery and time-windows

Dealing with incognitas in time-window deliveries

The times they are a changin’: gig-economy under scrutiny

Can a mixed-demand save on-demand?

September 2016

The case of the driver stuck in time

Milkman featured on “La Repubblica”

3 last-mile startups to keep your eyes on

August 2016

e-Commerce deliveries: humans still matter

July 2016

5 things to keep in mind if you want to disrupt deliveries with time windows

Eataly Today challenges Amazon: home-delivered fresh food in Milan

It's a Consumer's World: the New Power of e-Commerce Over Logistics

Last-Mile as a Platform for Merchants' Visibility

June 2016

Brexit: uncertain times are bad for business, and bad for people too. (by Sean Fleming)

3 Words to Rule Them All. Interview with Giles R. Jones, CMO, What3Words.

The Rocky Road to a Wonderful World

May 2016

Optimizing fleets through GPS in a asset-light reality (Workwave & Milkman)

Whitepaper (in Italian): Il punto economico-giuridico sul Crowdsourcing.

Home Delivery Europe 2016 and the future of retail

April 2016

Preventing friction during and after checkout

Tim Robinson interview: Doddle, "sexy utilities" and much more...

Exceeding Customer Expectations: an Atlantan Tale

March 2016

Containing the on-demand bubble

The Italian Job: how the sharing economy is faring so far in bella Italia

The triumph of the "shopkeepers' nation": interview with Sean Fleming, editor at

February 2016

Cracking the Last-Mile in Africa and the Middle East: an Interview with Charles Brewer, Managing Director of Mara Sokoni.

The e-commerce tsunami. A rogue wave of deliveries.

January 2016

Uber and the new Sharing Economy: Utopia or Dystopia?

Big Smoke? Big Effort = Green Fleets vs pollution

Milkman's comics collected - 2015

December 2015

Handle with Care: the Pros & Cons of Feedback (Pt. 1 - USA)

Top 3 Tested Cargo Drones

The same-day dilemma

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: burden or opportunity?

November 2015

A Short Illustrated History of Food Deliveries

Top 5 Delivery Startups

Same-day's Day today...

Milkman's Mini-Guide to Crowdshipping

Greener Dreams #2

Greener Dreams #1

October 2015

Lockers and Pick Up Points (Milkman's Collected Data 2015)