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"Blind" Tracking? Stumbling eCommerce

by Milkman

eCommerce is evolving and becoming more and more part of our daily habits but not always the logistics behind this great curtain are able keep up.

One of our users told us about an episode he recently suffered from: he receives an email from a courier who informs him it has being entrusted a parcel destined to him, providing a delivery date and a tracking number. The day come and goes without any delivery. On the courier's website the parcel data remain unchanged: delivery scheduled for the past date and tracking still "active".

With no little difficulty, the User contacts the customer service of the well-known courier. An annoyed young lady tells him that: "This package has never been delivered to us by the sender, so contact them" (it was a small eCommerce). The User points out that he has received a logoed e-mail and that if anything it was up to the courier to let him know that the package had not been entrusted to him. Answer: everyone can create an email and a tracking number on the courier's website without then entrusting him with anything, it's not the courier's fault.


Milkman is born from the need to avoid these annoying inconsistencies, due to which the buying experience risks to transform into frustration, with the consequent loss of a potentially recurring customer.

In the event that one of the Merchants we work with opens an order without entrusting the goods to us, Milkman's Web Tracking Page immediately alerts the Recipient of the incident in progress, letting him know that he will be notified as soon as the problem is solved.

When entrusting the goods, the User can decide the day and time of delivery, entering the flow of our User Experience, entirely built around his needs and supported by a new type of synergy with the Merchants who have decided to offer our value added services.

In fact, in the eyes of the eShopper, the purchase experience proceeds seamlessly from the website to the front door, transforming shop and courier into a single ideal entity, whose victories and failures end up impacting equally on both fronts of the supply chain.

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